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Alliga brings seaweed into your business, improving your environmental and social footprint. 

By supporting the acceleration of organic seaweed cultivation, we can help improve our ocean’s health while enabling the next generation of seaweed-based products.

Innovate food feed agriculture pharma cosmetics fashion energy biomaterials with seaweed.

Alliga kelp coast
seaweed gold
Alliga seaweed forest

How does it work ?

Select your farm

Select and support a unique Alliga farm, aligning with your business vision.

Follow your progress

Watch your seaweed grow and track  your farm  and community progress.

Generate results

Measure your impact through regular updates and tailored reports.

Secure your supply

Access your organic seaweed supply at a competitive price.

Select your farm

You can choose one of Alliga’s unique farms and support the growth of the farm and help them plant seaweed according to your objectives.

Follow your progress

Support the farm according to your needs and follow the growth of your seaweed and the positive impact it has on oceans and communities.

Generate results

Alliga will provide you with regular updates of the farms and its impact as well as an annual seaweed report and communication tools.

Get your seaweed

Gain access to your organic seaweed supply at a more competitive cost and create your next generation of seaweed products. 

Where can you plant?

Through our international network of farms, you can support a diverse portfolio of projects building strength in communities.


100 hectares available


80 hectares available


350 hectares available

USA (Maine)

40 hectares available


412 hectares available

USA (Alaska)

105 hectares available


Available soon


Available soon


Available soon

Our commitment

Seaweed has more to offer than its economic value. Alliga harnesses the full potential of seaweed with maximum impact.

Carbon reduction

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By scaling up seaweed farms, we will absorb more carbon and reduce effects of global warming.
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Nutrient reduction

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Nutrient overflows have devastating impacts on the oceans. These nutrients can be used to fuel seaweed farm growth.
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Local growth

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Alliga supports local seaweed economies, improving livelihoods and infrastructure.
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Gender equality

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We empower women through long-term employment and strengthened communities.
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Hectares of seaweed planted
Tons of carbon stored
Tons of nutrients absorbed
Community partnerships


Making a global impact

We monitor the progress of each project on a regular basis in order to guarantee positive results. 


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Our partners

We are happy to have partners that share our vision and look to build a strong seaweed economy that will benefit the industry, the communities and our planet.


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